When was the last time you used suitcases?

I think a long time ago, so meet these CrazySuitcases!
For the first time in the history of NFT, you can attach Stamps to them.

It's time to remind the world of travel.

LAUNCH DATE: December 9, 16:00 UTC

TOTAL SUPPLY: 10000 CrazySuitcases.

PRICE: 0.03 ETH each.

Story of origin

During COVID-19, people almost stopped traveling. Because of this, their suitcases stopped fulfilling their function. They have been lying around and gathering dust in people's homes for a long time. This affected the suitcases so much that they began to go crazy. The CrazySuitcases ran away from their homes.

Our team rescued the crazy suitcases. But they need new homes.

Only you can help them and shelter them!

Roadmap (% SOLD)

25 %

20 lucky winners will each receive 0.5 ETH! The minted CrazySuitcase is the ticket.

50 %

20 CrazySuitcases giveaway! Every CrazySuitcase in your wallet is a chance to win.

75 %

Donating 10 ETH to poor people around the world. Check out givecrypto.org for more information.

100 %

10 suitcase holders will receive 1 ETH each!


Technical preparation of the stamp collection.


Launching a stamp collection! For the first time EVER, we will make stamps that can be attached to suitcases. This way you can buy stamps and increase the value of your suitcase. Details below.

Why us!?

Our team analyzed most successful and unsuccessful NFT collections. Based on this research, we put together a social media promotion plan.

In this way we want to achieve a high value of the suitcases after they sell out.